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Some of the biggest have already advertised with us. Here's why you should too.

Pickbox TV is the preferred choice for viewers who love acclaimed series and top-notch productions. It is also the favored choice for companies and brands seeking high-quality advertising. Our programs reach audiences in seven Southeast European countries, with Nielsen metrics available for Croatia and Slovenia. Specifically targeting women audiences, we exclude news and regional content while ensuring all our series and movies come with subtitles

Why choose our channel for your business advertisement? According to Nielsen data, 68 percent of our viewers are female, and an impressive 65 percent are the primary decision-makers for household purchases. With a guaranteed GRP delivery and repeat behavior, advertising on Pickbox TV ensures effective reach and engagement

Position Your Product alongside Top Series and Seasonal Specials

Pickbox TV is among the most popular pay TV channels, especially during special seasons. With our extensive collection of heartwarming romantic Christmas movies, we resonate with numerous households during the holiday season. Additionally, we make special efforts for Valentine’s Day by showcasing beloved love story classics and recently released romantic movies. We actively contribute to initiatives such as Women’s Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month through our programs

How to Advertise?



Sponsorship opportunities for content and advertising before and after broadcast.



Brand highlighting during content broadcast.



Brand positioning with series and movie announcements.

Can You See Your Brand Advertised on the Pickbox TV Channel?

If you have any questions about advertising or would like to showcase your brand on Pickbox TV, don't hesitate to reach out.