Thrilling crime dramas and heartwarming stories all in one place!

Launched in 2018, Pickbox TV has become one of the most popular TV channels. Over the years, it has transformed into the ultimate TV destination for those seeking quality production and a well-rounded mix of genres. Viewers from as many as seven countries, including Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria, enjoy its diverse content. Whether you're a dedicated crime fan or prefer to unwind with delightful romantic comedies, Pickbox TV caters to everyone's moods and preferences.

What series can you expect?

Every month, we bring you premieres of new series that have received stellar reviews from television critics and audiences alike. You can look forward to acclaimed titles from British production, including “Happy Valley,” “Sex, Drugs and PR,” “The Responder,” and top-notch Scandinavian noir series.


Series for all times


British hits


Iconic main charachters


Family dramas

Undoubtedly, you've caught an episode of the legendary Poirot at least once in your life. On the Pickbox TV channel, iconic hits that have marked numerous generations are in store for you. Series like "Poirot" and "A Touch of Frost" are just some of the classics we regularly feature for viewers – because good things are worth revisiting.

Movie marathon weekends

Because, let's be honest, weekends are made for chilling on the couch and soaking up the best entertainment. And on Pickbox TV, it's all about the movies. Enjoy easygoing crime flicks and romcoms during the day, and in the evening switch to timeless classics, action-packed hits, and those thrillers and dramas that used to be the talk of the town.

A story for every special moment of the year

We believe in living in the moment, don't we?

That's why Pickbox TV always keeps up with the current season, creating a special atmosphere. For Valentine's Day, we bring you a rich repertoire of romantic movies; in March, our focus shifts to strong female characters in honor of International Women's Day, while December is all about Christmas. It's precisely during this time that a significant number of viewers turn to Pickbox TV to relish heartwarming tales perfect for the season of giving and family gatherings.


That's why, throughout the year and regardless of the mood you're in, Pickbox TV channel always has something special for you.