MON-THU 20:10

The Beach Hotel

The series was created by Camilla Läckberg, the queen of Nordic crime bestsellers. It is an exciting mix of soap opera and crime drama, featuring the biggest stars of Swedish acting.

MON-THU 21:00

The Good Ship Murder

Sun, sea, and murders shrouded in luxury and secrets. This new British series follows a former policeman named Jack who now works as a cabaret singer on a luxury cruise ship and solves mysterious murders in the most beautiful locations of the Mediterranean.



A comedy about Mahmoud, who wants to be seen as Swedish, changes his name, buys a Volvo, wears blue contact lenses, and marries a Swedish woman.

SUNDAY 20:15

A Bump Along the Way

A 44-year-old single mother who enjoys a drink becomes pregnant after a one-night stand, much to the chagrin of her uptight teenage daughter.

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